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Hey there! Welcome to Vibrandt Websites. We’re a crew of web design and development enthusiasts based in the lively city of Lafayette, Louisiana. We’re all about creating great websites that work like a charm.

Our team? We’re a mix of experienced designers, developers, and digital wizards who love staying on top of the latest tech trends. We’re always learning and evolving to keep our skills sharp and our designs fresh.

We’re big on teamwork here at Vibrandt Websites. We love getting to know our clients, understanding their vision, and bringing it to life online. We keep things transparent and make sure you’re part of the process every step of the way.

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Brandy Arnett

Founder / CEO

After years of working for digital agencies, Brandy identified the need for specialized web development firms that excel in their craft and provide exceptional customer service after a website’s launch. Driven by her passion for web design and her unwavering determination, she fearlessly transformed her vision into a thriving company.

Brandy’s leadership style revolves around fostering teamwork and innovation. She creates an environment where creativity thrives and boundaries are pushed, empowering her team to deliver outstanding results. Her unwavering commitment is to help clients achieve their digital dreams and thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Brandy holds her Louisiana roots dear and values the invaluable lessons learned from her upbringing. As a devoted wife and mother to two boys, she finds joy and inspiration in her family. When she’s not at the helm of Vibrandt, Brandy finds solace and rejuvenation through long-distance running, recharging her energy and bringing a fresh perspective to her work.

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Leslie Bradford

Director of Web Development / Client Management

Leslie Bradford is the Director of Web Development at Vibrandt Websites, bringing a passion for technical problem-solving to every project. With a knack for customer service and a dedication to excellence, Leslie oversees the development of cutting-edge websites that exceed client expectations. When not immersed in the digital realm, Leslie finds solace in the great outdoors, embracing adventure sports and exploring new horizons whenever possible.
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Joseph Mudd

Junior Web Developer / Support Specialist

Joseph Mudd is a driven Junior Web Developer recognized for his problem-solving prowess, tenacity, and effective communication. Inspired by a lifelong love for problem-solving, Joseph brings a relentless drive for learning and innovation to every project he works on. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring local festivals, experimenting in the kitchen, playing guitar, and discovering new music. With his avid curiosity and contagious enthusiasm for growth, Joseph inspires those around him to expand their limits.

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