Web Development
For Workaru


What We Faced

Workaru is an on-demand workspace rental platform. Its two-part function allows owners to list their empty or rarely used workspaces and meeting rooms for guests to rent out. It also allows guests to rent out these workspaces on-demand by the hour or by the day.

Our Challenge

The Workaru platform had a set of requirements that all needed very custom solutions.

Throughout this year-long development, our team had to integrate identity verifications, user dashboards, complex tax configurations, owner payout systems, and more.

It was critical to take these complex requirements and design and congifure them in a way that is desirable to both target audiences.

Simplicity for a Complex Platform

We delivered a modern site for Workaru that explained a complex product in a very simple and effective manner. Users are able to understand the product offering with a simple glance and comprehend the value that a platform like Workaru could bring.


A Word From Workaru

"I honestly don't know where to begin....Vibrandt is so much more than a company that build websites and platforms. Brandy felt like an extension of our team. She worked with us every step of the way, listened to our wants and desires, challenged us to look at things differently, found solutions to things that could have stopped us dead in our tracks. As a small business owner, you can feel the passion she has to help other businesses succeed. Vibrandt is a huge reason that we will be successful and hopefully help people too. Our website is more than we could have ever dreamed. It is gorgeous and the beauty lies in the details that Brandy brought to life. You always hear that it is the little things that matter and I can tell you that Brandy pays attention to the details in every aspect of the journey she embarks on with you.
Workaru Team

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